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Download our pre-flight checklist for a smooth webinar or videoconference

Have you prepared your LearningStone workspace and are you ready for some Online Blended Training? Don't forget to practice your presentations and workshops on Zoom, Teams, Whereby or other video-conferencing tool. And if you want to avoid mistakes, download and print our complimentary pre-flight checklist based on our own experience (and mistakes!).

Do my kids or colleagues know I do not want to be disturbed? How do I look on camera? Is my room tidy and how tidy is my computer screen? There are so many things to think of! At LearningStone we've learned by doing but to avoid repeating our mistakes, we've compiled this checklist. It's really a good idea to print it and actively go though it before you start your sessions.

Download our complimentary pre-flight checklist

Have a safe flight!



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