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  • New Tutorial on Progress Markers

    Posted 16-02-2016, by LearningStone

    As many of you have asked for, here's a 5 minute tutorial on adding progress markers to LearningStone for reporting, analytics, gamification and... Read more »
  • NEW: Progress Markers and Examples

    Posted 08-02-2016, by LearningStone

    As of today, LearningStone is introducing “Progress Markers”, an innovative but easy way to add result tracking, checks and administrative points to your course timelines. Do you want to know if someone has understood something, is ready for a certain event, has finished an assignment or is doing better than the rest.

    Imagine, you have added... Read more »
  • Meet us at Learning Technologies London

    Posted 27-01-2016, by LearningStone

    Learning Technologies, co-located with Learning & Skills, is Europe's leading showcase of professional learning technologies.
    3 - 4 february 2016, olympia, london
    LearningStone will be there and we’re looking forward to meeting you! Join us for a chat or... Read more »
  • Should You Flip Your Training?

    Posted 18-01-2016, by LearningStone

    I once was a trainee at a course given by a famous trainer. The course was pretty expensive and I was excited by the subject matter, so I took their suggestion of reading a whole book before going to the training seriously. By the time I entered the training location, I was enthusiastic, ready to learn more and eager to... Read more »
  • How to kick start a blended training

    Posted 26-11-2015, by LearningStone

    I was recently - rather suddenly - asked to help introduce Scrum to a management team of a large multinational. So I suddenly had to prepare a training course for an overworked management team with little time and little patience. No time and high expectations... you’ve probably been there at some point or the other.
    Blog by Michiel Klønhammer, Co-founder of LearningStone Read more »
  • Interview with LearningStone Founder Michiel Klønhammer about Blended Learning

    Posted 26-11-2015, by LearningStone

    In this interview on Blended Learning by Pilar Orti in the 21st Century Work Life series, Michiel talks about blended learning and LearningStone.
    Listen now or download the podcast. Read more »
  • New: LearningStone for Coaching and Mentoring

    Posted 29-10-2015, by LearningStone

    While most users creating workspaces on LearningStone have a trainers background and think in terms of a trainer-group relationship (and we’re trying hard to support that scenario with the best online tools available!) the individual trainee or coachee is becoming more important. In the past months we’ve been developing and testing some... Read more »
  • What Cengage says about LearningStone

    Posted 14-09-2015, by LearningStone

    As LearningStone grows and we get to welcome new users from all over the world, it’s hard to pick the right ones to add to our testimonials.

    We were really impressed by Cengage Learning, a 5.500 person, 2 billion dollar revenue learning company and were thrilled that Aimee Berger, Director of Faculty Services wanted to say some kind words about... Read more »
  • How to become a Blended Trainer

    Posted 31-07-2015, by LearningStone

    If you're new to LearningStone, you might ask yourself how you can keep training groups but also start using an online platform to offer extra services and improve learning using the tools of today. Michiel Klønhammer, founder of LearningStone, wrote a few thoughts on the subject for Training Industry, in the following article.

    Transitioning from Class-Based to Blended Training Read more »