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  • LearningStone of the day

    Posted 12-06-2015, by LearningStone

    Our LearningStone of the day was taken by filmer Heinrich Dahms during the filming of "Between the Devil and the Deep", a brilliant, gripping documentary about a fishing community , abalone poaching and police... Read more »
  • Introducing LearningStone Dedicated

    Posted 12-06-2015, by LearningStone

    LearningStone is a cloud based subscription service which offers most users more than enough flexibility and power. By offering a wide array of configuration options, your own design, and of course the powerful and flexible course timeline editor, it’s easy to develop your own brand and services within the cloud based LearningStone architecture.

    For some companies it can be interesting to consider the possibility of a fully dedicated technology platform... Read more »
  • LearningStone raises max group sizes to 250

    Posted 25-05-2015, by LearningStone

    Bigger groups, lower costs

    LearningStone offers coaches and trainers a cloud platform for blended learning that – on average – costs significantly less than a Dollar / Euro per user per month. As of today our licenses have become even more flexible as we have raised the group size limits from 50 to 250. As a training provider working with groups, you are free put all of your participants in one big group or to divide them over several smaller groups. 


  • NEW: Did that email arrive?

    Posted 18-05-2015, by LearningStone

    As we keep improving our onboarding (the new speak word for: getting people to join your LearningStone group), we have found it of great importance to know if email is actually arriving at its destination. It’s good to know that... Read more »
  • How do blended trainers earn money?

    Posted 04-05-2015, by LearningStone

    6 ways of adding value with technology to your training business
    By Michiel Klønhammer and Sjoerd Boersma
    We are probably not the only ones who thought that technology would at some point replace face-to-face training and coaching all together. It took getting to know the corporate world and understanding what people want, to realize we were wrong. Dead wrong. But still... the training market is moving toward a blended training market. The question is: How do blended trainers earn money? Read more »
  • Friday at the LearningStone office

    Posted 01-05-2015, by LearningStone

    We apologize for some really bad jokes. It was Friday at the office and we got inspired by the one-liner by the writer Herman Finkers: "The course Dealing with Disappointments has unfortunately been canceled again" and came up with a few other training and coaching jokes.... Read more »
  • NEW: Pre-filling questions with LearningStone forms

    Posted 22-04-2015, by LearningStone

    Have you discovered LearningStone forms? It's a great way of collecting information, asking questions, evaluating courses etc. We've just added pre-filling forms to make life easier for your users. If you create for example a survey... Read more »
  • NEW: Add many members, the invitation wizard

    Posted 16-04-2015, by LearningStone

    We’ve launched a great new way of adding people to a LearningStone group. Just follow Invite > Add Many Members and you’ll be able to add a list of names and email addresses formatted in... Read more »
  • NEW: Introducing the latest and greatest LearningStone Docs

    Posted 24-03-2015, by LearningStone

    Have you been using group folders in LearningStone DOCS to share learning materials like Word docs, PDFs, videos, etc? Now we have something new! LearningStone has been working with coaching company Schoonderwoerd to offer better coaching facilities in LearningStone. As a first step, LearningStone offers “Member Folders” that are... Read more »
  • Green is so 2014!

    Posted 16-03-2015, by LearningStone

    Great news for corporate identity lovers that run a LearningStone workspace. Many of you have been pounding on our doors to be able to change the color of menus and tabs in LearningStone. We understand! You don’t want the bright green tab or other menu items messing up your....

    Read more »