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22nd of June: Want to get more out of LearningStone? Take the LearningStone master class online (for free)

LearningStone is hosting an master class on, May 10th and June 14th for anyone who is familiar with LearningStone, but wants to take the next step. New features will be discussed in detail by Michiel Klønhammer, who can also answer any questions about advanced features of LearningStone.


Michiel Klønhammer of LearningStone. 

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What is it?

This free two-hour session will focus on new and advanced features LearningStone offer, such as the new design options, the new personal note block and any features you would like to know more about. There will also be a focus on interesting blended forms of work.

For whom?

For anyone who already works with LearningStone, but really wants to understand all the intricacies of the software, in order to become a true LearningStone expert. Participants learn together and share their experiences. Ask us for a proposal if there is a preference for a private training group or different topic.

Where do I sign up?

Each session starts at 15:00 CET (Amsterdam), 14:00 BST (London), 9 AM EST (New York)

Thursday, June 22

Wednesday, September 20

Friday, October 13

Thursday, November 16

Tuesday, December 12


More training with LearningStone 

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Why join the webinar 'Introduction to blended training with LearningStone'?

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LearningStone is hosting a webinar on Tuesday June 20 for anyone interested in learning more about blended learning and asking questions about it to Sjoerd Boersma, co-founder of LearningStone.

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The L&D tips of 'L&D Leader' Jeanne Bakker

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What are the top L&D tips from L&D leaders? For LearningStone's 'Interviews with L&D leaders' series - leading industry experts give great tips. Today Joitske Hulsebosch on her favorite L&D book

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Why is L&D Leader Jeanne Bakker so passionate about learning?

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Jeanne Bakker is a household name in the L&D world. The founder of the successful and innovative Brain Bakery has been kicking against the establishment for nearly 20 years, and for good reason. Her…

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