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Why join the webinar 'Introduction to blended training with LearningStone'?

LearningStone is hosting a webinar on Tuesday June 20 for anyone interested in learning more about blended learning and asking questions about it to Sjoerd Boersma, co-founder of LearningStone.


Sjoerd Boersma, co-founder of LearningStone, will host this webinar. 

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What is it?

A free 30-minute webinar that gives an introduction to blended learning. What is the blended training approach with LearningStone and what are the pros and cons of such an approach? How can I transfer my training to blended training as quickly as possible? Host Sjoerd Boersma will give a mini-demo and answer questions about your own unique situation.

For whom?

Anyone who wants to learn more about blended learning using LearningStone. Both for doubters and for people who are sure they want to professionalize their trainings with blended learning.

In the own words of Sjoerd Boersma, host of the webinar

'If you are training in a traditional way now and would like to know what blended can do for you, you are more than welcome. What are the benefits? You became a trainer to work with people and not software, how do you start blending?' 

Where do I sign up?

Below are the dates for this webinar 'Introduction blended training approach'. Click on your preferred date to sign up.
(15:00 CET (Amsterdam), 14:00 BST (London), 9 AM EST (New York))

Tuesday,  June 20

Friday, September 22

Wednesday, October 11

Tuesday, November 7

Thursday, December 7


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