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Making money with blended learning

Trainers are able to improve learning for their participants in so many ways by implementing blended learning. But besides delivering more value to customers and participants, it's also good for business! Read on for the 6 money makers of blended learning.

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1. Easily reuse and adapt all learning materials

LearningStone provides a structure that resembles a building with rooms. Just copy a room- with a complete configuration and all the learning materials. Adjust what could be even better and invite your next participants. Time saving and flexibility: that's where you make money!

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2. You reach a much larger audience

Geographically, you can conquer the world with blended learning. Suddenly there are few limits to who you can serve with your training.  Have you ever thought about offering multilingual training across borders?

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3. Much longer and better relationship with your participants

Thanks to LearningStone, you can keep in touch with your participants. You are building a longer relationship and that’s great for your future sales. Among today's participants, are tomorrow's clients.

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4. You can charge more for your trainings because they are a lot richer in content

Blended learning makes training much richer because of the online elements. These ensure that your participants learn much more, and are also better served. You offer more and you do a little less!

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5. More trainees thanks to the blended learning platform. Let’s scale!

Blended learning is a business model that allows you to grow your business. Why not serve larger groups or more groups?

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6. Premium pricing with customization

Blended training with the right platform provides opportunities for customization, which attracts customers willing to pay premium prices. Customization means better training and certainly higher ratings and more engagement and feedback. Blended learning also allows trainers to offer a wider range of training options to meet customer needs.

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