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WHY your DEX learning experience is the way it is

We want your development program to be

  • relevant

  • effective

  • and enabling

This is why we have created the DEX Ecosystem for Deep Learning & Skills Development. You can read more about it below - and if you click on the "Why your DEX learning experience is the way it is" menu item.

Wishing you a rich, relevant and enjoyable experience using this platform and with your learning journey!



 And this is how the DEX programs work:

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Deep Learning means: understanding, applying, critically analyzing, transferring to other contexts and expanding new learnings

As jobs become more complex and less routine, people constantly need to learn new skills and apply new behaviors. Deep learning enables their sustainable application.

Deep learning needs

  • Time: that's why our development campaigns turn "learning events" into continuous processes

  • Repetition: we provide spaced learning for multiple opportunities to remember and apply new knowledge and skills

  • Relevance: learning needs to make sense and be important. That's why we provide a lot of practice during the workflow. We call this "learning while working". 

  • Interaction: To support critial thinking and expanding understanding it is important to discuss, reflect and experiment with others

  • A holistic experience: Experiential learning engages people on intellectual, kinesthetic and emotional levels. This creates intensive experiences and strong anchors important for the impulse and ongoing motivation to change behaviors.

 Deep Learning also means the process is driven by the learners themselves!


Therefore, we use a Blended Learning approach that combines:

  • Experiential Learning in a workshop setting for a holistic, intense group experience that inspires, involves & creates trust

  • Social Learning at work and in networks to create communities and opportunities of practice

  • Individual Learning with flexible and mobile access for engagement with & inspiration about the content

All three elements flow into each other. The DEX Portal provides the digital environment to enable individual engagement, foster interaction and document the joint experiences with the group.


This puts you - the learner - at the center and in the driver seat of your own development process, while we at DEX support you with the

  • most effective

  • state of the art

  • and engaging

people, tools and methods available to us!



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