Turpin Communication

Guiding Principles

We envision a world in which meetings, presentations, and training sessions are the least frustrating part of doing business. 

To that end, we are guided by three principles. 

1. The Orderly Conversation

We have a very practical, fluid definition of what it means to present and facilitate. We understand that presentations are often very interactive and require the skills of a facilitator. We also know that group facilitators and trainers can only succeed when they are comfortable in the role of presenter and leader. We define all of these business communication processes as Orderly Conversations. Through this definition, we help people focus on the essential tension between what makes these types of communication orderly (clear goals and structure) and what makes them a conversation (responsiveness and spontaneity).2. Find your focus. Be yourself. Only better.


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2. Find your focus. Be yourself. Only better.

We believe that it is our job to help people preserve their personality and natural communication style, no matter what internal challenges or external obstacles they face. To do that, we simplify improvement as much as possible, help people be aware of and rely on their strengths, and offer practical strategies to help them manage the in-the-moment pressures of presenting and facilitating.


3. Business Presentations Succeed on Two Levels

The first level of success has to do with whether the goal of the presentation or meeting was met. Was the deal closed, did the team agree, are they aligned, or did they learn the new skill? The second level focuses on the process of getting there. Did the presenter create the conditions for a fruitful conversation? Did the facilitator earn the trust and goodwill of the group? Did they make the process easy for everyone? Did they manage the give and take fairly and efficiently? Often the first level of success isn’t achieved (at least not efficiently) because of failure on the second. We help people succeed on both levels.




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