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Here you will find access to your DEX development programs.

These programs are private and thus invisible to the general public.


 ...and this is how modern blended learning works as we understand it:

The Best of Two Worlds with Text

Digital learning means:

  • Using this platform as a secure, flexible and effective learning environment
  • The integration of various apps, media and sources in order to keep content, formats and program elements up to date and to be able to use them individually
  • Access via computers and mobile devices to guarantee flexibility and accessibility


Emotional learning means:

  • Experiential group tasks during workshops for direct experience of communication and work patterns
  • Exercises in practice groups for repetition and processing of the learnings
  • Direct application of learned techniques and methods at the workplace for meaningfulness and actuality of the program
  • Observation and feedback by colleagues for motivation and further development


Coaching combines digital with emotional learning as it is done face to face as well as over the phone, video and messenger apps.

Our approach to self-directed learning is crucial: our programs support learning and consolidating of the necessary skills. Participants thus directly develop this essential future competence for the VUCA world!


If you need support, please contact Silke Koerner: // +49 221 16918467

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