Help: Privacy

Does LearningStone have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. You can always find it here:

We work hard on keeping your data protected and secure.

How do I hide my e-mail address?

You don’t have to because we do it for you! Whenever you send a message through LearningStone, we use a special coded email address. You can even reply to an email and your email address will be replaced by this special e-mail address. It is however possible that if you reply to an email with your email client that your real email address is included in the email to the recipient. You can avoid this by replying from “Messages”.

If you ever start getting messages that you don’t want (spam)on that special email address you can reset it. Click on your profile picture and choose Preferences > LearningStone email address.

I don’t want other members to see my address. How do I make sure they don’t?

Click on your profile picture and then choose “Preferences”. Under “Privacy” you can decide who can see your address information. You can decide which people in your group can only see certain items or if the rest of the workspace can too. Don’t forget to click on “Save”.
Your information is never visible outside of the workspace.