Help: Signing up, logging in, email, password, 2FA

Adding the app to your mobile

LearningStone is a web app that you can add your phone. Don’t go to the Appstore but go to and login. On Mobile Chrome (on Android), Safari and some other mobile browsers you’ll see a button “Add to my Home Screen”.

If you don’t see the button (if you cancelled it or on some browsers), you can add the app manually.

Chrome (Android only): Menu > Add to my home Screen.

Safari: Share icon > Add to Home Screen.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up after receiving an invitation or you can sign up yourself from the login page.

If you want to join an existing course, coaching track or other type of group, you can ask the trainer or coach to invite you. You will receive an email from LearningStone and you can then enter a username + password. You will be asked to confirm by email. Alternatively, you may sign up using your Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn account and then you do not need to confirm.

To sign up yourself, just click on “Create a free account” and fill in the details.

Do I need to add a picture?

LearningStone does not require you to, but it is strongly recommended to add a profile picture as this helps people recognize-and to get to know each other. Some group managers require you to add a picture and will not accept you into the groupspace before you do so.

What email / password should I use?

Make sure you use LearningStone with an email account that is safe and only you can access. We will never sell the address or abuse it, so you can use any email address you like. Your password should be 8 characters long and contain both numbers and letters. NEVER give this away. We will never ask for the password on the phone or by email.

Two-factor authentication

If you need to improve your security, you can activate two-factor  authentication on your account page.
You will first need to install an app on your phone such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile or you can use some password managers like 1Password.

Now choose Account > Activate two-factor authentication and scan the barcode with the app.
The next time you login, you will be asked to look up a code like 123-456 in the app.
Once you choose “Remember me” while logging in, you will not have to log in or enter the code again on that device. Do not do this if other people can access this device.

Sharing accounts?

Send a screenshot of the barcode or the backup code shown under the qr-code to the other person.

Not getting in?

If problems arise with your authenticator app, there might be a time synchronization problem due to moving time zones or a problem on your phone.

1.       Go to the main menu on the Google Authenticator app.

2.       Select Settings.

3.       Select Time correction for codes.

4.       Select Sync now.

More help for Google Authenticator


I have forgotten my password

First of all: check if you have the CAPS-LOCK key on.

Choose the link “I forgot my password” under the login fields and enter your email address. You will get a link to reset the password or an email telling you that you are not known

How can I change my email address?

  1. Click on your profile picture and then on “Account”.
  2. Scroll down and add a new email address.
  3. Verify your email address and select it with the radio button.
  4. Remove your old email address.

I have forgotten the email address I used.

If you are retrieving your password but have forgotten the email address: try every email address you have ever owned one by one. If this fails, ask your manager or coach to look the email address up for you in the “Organize Members” page.

I want to login with Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn. What about privacy?

During the first login, we collect some info – your name, and profile picture – from your Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn account to save some time for you. You can always change these details. We will never post anything to one of these sites

I have a username + password but want to login with Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  1. Click on your profile picture> Account and connect with your Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn Account.
  2. Next time you log in, use the new log in method. You can still use your old username + password too.

I logged in with Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn but don’t see my courses or groupspaces anymore.

You probably used to log in with a username + password. When you logged in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account, a fresh LearningStone account was created without any of your courses or groupspaces. You can fix this as follows:

  1. Go to your Account by clicking on your profile picture.
  2. Choose Disconnect Microsoft, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  3. Log out (top right) and log in again with your old username + password.
  4. Go to Profile picture > Account and connect with your Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn Account.

I don’t remember which login to use.

Just use the “Password forgotten” link on the home page or in most emails. We’ll tell you if you have been logging in with Facebook, LinkedIn or with a username + password and you’ll be able to reset your LearningStone password.


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This web site has app functionality. Add it to your home screen to use it in fullscreen.

1) Press the ‘share’ button
2) Press ‘Add to Home Screen’
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