Help: Tags

Why use tags?

LearningStone offers several standard roles (member, coach, manager) but a groupspace might have its own special subgroups or individuals that need to stand out. Tags help point out that someone has a special role but also lets you search for people with a special role or send messages to them. You might want to add a tag “Excellent Student” or “Team lead” or you might want to tag each member as a team member (“blue team”).

You can do this if you are a manager or a coach.

Once you’ve added a tag, anybody will see it on the profile pages and the tag will be available in the address list for searching and in the Inbox for sending messages.


How do I organize tags? Groupspace versus Workspace tags

If you (coach or manager) only have one groupspace all you need to do is add a tag and you’re done. You can add tags on someone’s profile page or by clicking on a profile picture in the “Organize Members” page.


How can I remove tags?

A tag can only be removed if nobody uses it anymore. So simply remove the tag on a profile page or by clicking on a profile picture in “Organize Members” page. Click on “Remove tags” and click on an x next to a tag.