Help: Documents, Videos, Audio and Pictures

How do I upload and share in LearningStone?

If you want to upload and share documents or pictures (and are allowed to do so), go to the groupspace where you want to share a document or picture. Click on “Docs” for documents like Word, Open Office, video or individual pictures. Click on “Gallery” for uploading multiple picture galleries.

Now create a folder, give it a name and upload by dragging files into the bar above the file list. If there is no upload bar, uploading has been turned off.

Managers can also share documents through the Course timeline editor.

How do I upload or embed audio or video (privately)?

If you are in a space which allows you to, you can upload audio or video up to max. 300 Mb to the Docs or the wall. For audio, upload MP3 or WAV files. For video choose any format you like though it’s easiest to use MP4 or Mov as they are the smallest to start off with. Covert to MP4 or reduce sizes with:

  • a desktop tool like the free open source tool Handbrake (new window). Within the list of “Presets” choose eg.  “Vimeo YouTube 720p30” preset.
  • an online converter like: Cloudconvert  (new window) can be used if the filesize doesn’t exceed 500mb.

Managers or coaches can also upload video to the course timeline (choose “Add block” and then “Content” and then “Add connection”). You can also Embed video from YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want to keep these video’s as private as possible you can set them to private (You can also get to them with the right link).

YouTube: set the video to “Unlisted”

Vimeo: choose the settings of the video and then “Privacy”. Choose to hide the video from Vimeo and choose which sites it can embedded in (at least

I can’t hear any sound when I play a video.

If your audio isn’t working, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Check the audio at another site like YouTube. If that works, report the problem to your coach or groupspace manager.
  2. Try another browser like Chrome.
  3. Check your system audio mixer, headset audio etc., sound driver (you might need a systems operator for that)
  4. Internet Explorer? Go to Menu > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Multimedia > Play Sounds > Save. Restart browser.

What type of folders are there?

In Docs and Galleries, you can use the “Group Folders” to share files with the group. Access can be restricted so that you only view and not change the content of folders or restricted to only coaches or managers (click on “Edit” at the bottom).

Besides this, Docs offers “Personal Folders” that are created automatically so that you can share files with the teacher or managers.

Personal Folders are great for sharing private files with the coach or trainer or for creating portfolio’s that are accessible for both the member and his or her coach or trainer.

If you go to someone’s profile page, you’ll find a link to their personal member folder, if you’re allowed to see it.

Do people get notified about new Docs?

The default setting is that people do not get notified about new Files and folders in Docs or Galleries. This can however be turned on in My Info > Preferences > Notifications. You only get a notification of docs you are allowed to see. E.g. a file uploaded in a personal “Member Folder” will be added to notifications of that member and coaches and managers of the groupspace.

How do I download images or files? (Gallery or Docs)

For one file, simply choose the download icon next to the file.
For more than one, check the files (only in list view) and click on More > Download as Zip.
Click on the title for extra options.

How do I copy images or files? (Gallery or Docs)

For one file, simply choose the copy icon next to the title. A clipboard will appear at the top. Go to your destination and choose “Paste”.
For more than one, check the files (only in list view) and click on More > Copy.

How do I create a new folder or gallery?

In “Docs” or “Gallery”, you can click on “New Folder” on the left-hand side.  IF you are a manager, you can always remove or edit folders.

How do I decide who is allowed to see or edit folders?

If you add a folder you can choose who is allowed to see or edit the contents of the folder. If you need to change that later, you first click on the folder and then choose “Edit” (at the bottom) and then “Access Control”.

Can I share documents or pictures with the whole workspace?

If you want to add folders for the whole workspace (a collection of groupspaces), you have to be a member of the workspace-managers groupspace. You can add a folder to “Workspace Folders” and decide who can see the folder and who can add or remove documents or pictures.