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Privatsphäre & GDPR

Privacy Policy

This policy is part of the terms and conditions of LearningStone. See: www.LearningStone.com/en/terms

Refer to log at the end for dates and changes.


Please report any form of abuse to abuse@learningstone.com.


1.  Your privacy

LearningStone is committed to offering a private and secure system for all users. We respect your privacy, adhere to the European privacy law GDPR (see below), only host our data in the European Union and will never give away any information without your permission.

These privacy policies and terms and conditions have been updated to be in line with the European Digital Service Act (DSA) Regulation, effective Feb. 17, 2024.
We also want to point out what risks you are running. Communication on internet is never completely secure due to human error, abuse by others, technical errors or mistakes by users. Please keep this in mind when you enter information about yourself or others.


Note: please ask the administrator of your LearningStone environment about any specific privacy policies.


2.  Receiving email or phone calls

If you have been called or you have received email from us, but you are not using LearningStone yet, it is possible that:

- you were invited by a trainer, coach or administrator to join a groupspace on the platform. In this case LearningStone stores a pending invitation. Follow the link to either accept the invitation or to remove your name and e-mail from the system.

- you were personally approached by a LearningStone employee as a business-to-business contact, for example to invite you to a workshop. Feel free to tell us not to mail again.

We will never ask for your password and cannot read it in our system.


3. Help us protect your privacy

LearningStone will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or abuse but we need you to help us too.

- Use a strong password with letters and numbers.

- Never give your password to anyone.

- LearningStone will never ask for your password by phone, e-mail or any other way except through the secure login screen or account page. Never send your password by email or give it to someone on the phone. Passwords are encrypted in the system.


4. Privacy Laws (GDPR)

LearningStone provides an environment for entering personal information such as name, email, phone number and more. We sign a Data Processing Agreement with the organization which creates an environment (the Workspace) on LearningStone, defining mutual responsibilities following the rules of the privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This agreement also contains the list of technical partners that LearningStone uses.


5. Reporting abuse

Using the email address below, you can make an abuse report of illegal or offensive content on the platform in accordance with the European Digital Service Act (DSA) Regulation, which is effective from Feb. 17, 2024


This may include content that directly violates the law, such as discriminatory or child pornography content, as well as content whose distribution may be illegal, such as the sale of counterfeit products or malware and expressions perceived as offensive.

Do you have a complaint about content hosted on the platform? To help us to track the potentially illegal content, we ask you to be as detailed as possible in your report. Please provide an explanation, include a link and/or screenshots.


Please send your report to abuse@learningstone.com


6. Your data and how to remove it

- LearningStone makes it possible for a user or a representative of the user (e.g., an employer or employee of a training agency) to invite you to create an account which will include a name, email address and country.

- A user can view, change, and delete these details and fill in other details (full address, links to other sites, a profile etc.). This personal information is shared with the coach or group manager and with other group members unless the users turns this off by changing the privacy settings.

- If you need help removing your data, please contact us at www.learningstone.com/contact.

- The manager of a LearningStone Workspace or groupspace – often a representative of the organization that created the workspace - must respect your privacy and may only use data collected through LearningStone for the intended purposes.

- Any information entered by the user can be viewed and exported by the group or workspace managers.

- Information is never given away by LearningStone without permission but may be transferred in an automated fashion by systems used by LearningStone or by third parties for analysis, reporting or for exchanging information from one system to the next (e.g. backups, payments through banks, etc.). Please check the data processing agreement for details about third parties.

- Your data and interactions with other users may be archived with the groupspace. The administrator of the groupspace determines how long this information is kept.

7. Private but not anonymous

Profile information is not public in LearningStone unless this is explicitly indicated. We respect your privacy but you are not anonymous within your LearningStone groupspaces. It is possible that a coach or trainer or if necessary, for support, someone at LearningStone can look at your information or messages that you have entered. If a “People” tab shows other participants, you are in a collaborative space and your messages are shared with other group members.

8. What we do with your information

- LearningStone will send you messages about changes to LearningStone and/or new features or products. You can unsubscribe at any time.

- The structure and content of the website may change based on your personal details.

- Members of a collaborative group can see your details (depending on privacy settings) and use that information to get in touch with you.

- Your details are combined with your on-site behavior to collect statistics. These statistics (e.g. number of visits to a page) are anonymized if they are shared with third parties.

- If you choose an external log in method such as Facebook, LinkedIn or other login providers this account will be connected and the other site will know you log in. We do not post any information to these sites.
- If LearningStone is forced to do so by law, we will give away information such as personal details or usage statistics to legal authorities.

9. Cookies & Analytics

LearningStone automatically collects information about your use of the system. If necessary, cookies are installed and registered. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to help remember things like the correct language and which page you visited last. Cookies do not contain your address but may contain your IP-number. An IP-number or IP-address is the address a computer needs to connect to the internet. Cookies are also used for Google Analytics, a service that provides anonymous statistics about the use of websites.

LearningStone has disabled data sharing with Google Analytics and has masked the last octet of the IP address to increase privacy. LearningStone does not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.


10. View and change your details or unsubscribe

You can always view and change personal details in your account. If you want to know what information is collected by LearningStone, you can always ask.
If you need to unsubscribe from any of the mails that LearningStone sends, you can follow a link at the bottom of an email or go to your notification preferences.

11. Other sites and widgets

LearningStone may contain embedded media (e.g YouTube video’s), links and widgets (small applications within the pages of LearningStone like a small game). This Privacy Policy only applies to (personal) information that is collected in LearningStone. LearningStone accepts no responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) other websites.

Any other questions? Contact us at www.LearningStone.com/contact



5th of October 2021: changed title of paragraph 6 to stress removal of data.

8th of Sept 2020: added information about hosting in the European Union

6th of July 2020: language edits and extra link to data processing agreement.

26th of April 2018: added paragraph GDPR

26th of June 2018: rewrote paragraph on receiving e-mail (art. 2) and added sentence on archiving groupspaces .

28th of February 2024: collaborative groupspaces clarified (par. 7)

28th of February 2024: Added paragraph 6 on reporting abuse (European Digital Service Act (DSA)