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Business Savvy Site-Based Teams

Site-Based Teams (SBTs) are the boots, eyes, and ears on the ground for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Service firms at the client's location.

SBTs maintain and or operate the installed base, ensuring the realization of the contractual agreed-operational KPIs like uptime/availability, etc., and ensuring the forecasted profit margins of the contract.

However, working with a wide variety of SBTs all over the globe, we realized far more value for the client, the OEM/Service firm, and the employees.

SBTs that gain insight into what the client is aiming for strategically can contribute to the client's success - building a genuine business partnership relationship.

This will create sound and sustainable commercial opportunities for the OEM/Service firm, such as:

Increased Delivered Client Value:

  • Improve the installation's performance,

  • Improve overall performance location,

  • Improve client communication to business partnership. 

Improve Short-term Financial Performance:

  • Improve existing contract,

  • Avoid penalties by not realizing improvement agreements,

  • Reduce spare-part costs.

Improve Long-term Financial Performance:

  • Extend existing contract with improved margin,

  • Expand current, new contract without additional sales effort.

Additional Less Tangible Gains:

  • Re-energize Site-Based Teams & harness the intelligence and ingenuity of everyone,

  • Reduce recruitment and onboarding costs,

  • Improve inter-team & HQ communication.

  • Improve relationships with clients to become a preferred supplier for new locations,

  • Increase engagement and reduce absenteeism, enhancing the professional and personal growth of the employees,

  • Improve line of sight: understanding the personal contribution to the bigger picture.


Business Savvy Alliances

Welcome to the world of Business Savvy Alliances!

A Business Savvy Alliance aims to improve the participating businesses' competitiveness, efficiency, and profitability by leveraging each other's strengths.

Do you want to increase the performance of your distribution center, airport, or other operations? 

Business Savvy Alliances is the perfect solution for this! We'll help break down silos, provide valuable solutions, and focus on a higher mutual goal.

When you partner with us, you're guaranteed to get the performance and results you deserve. Start with Business Savvy Alliances today!

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