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NEW: Smart Search on LearningStone

Thanks to the new search feature, LearningStone users can now easily look up everything within their training, coaching track or other L&D environment. The search feature lets you search through both materials and communication. We asked Michiel Klønhammer, founder and Chief of Things at LearningStone, about the update.



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Hi Michiel, tell us about the new feature!

'Yes! We have just launched an amazing search feature. We are getting more and more users with a lot of material or users who have been using LearningStone for longer periods of time. As a result, they really needed a powerful search feature. Well… it’s here!’

What's so special about the search function for LearningStone?

'You need to be able to search through a lot of types of information. You can search through course timelines, different forms of communication, walls, dialogues and files or everything at the same time. When you get a search result, you also need to go straight to where you need to go. In a way that the user understands. This wasn’t trivial for for example the LearningStone course timelines.’

How long have you been working on this?

'We started half a year ago. We first improved the search for the managers of LearningStone Powered Platforms. These are the people that need to search the most. We have it down to a point that searching through millions of records only costs a fraction of a second. Now we added search for end users. The new search that we are launching now  is especially for end users. Under the hood, they are also searching through millions of records and then there is a lot of processing going on as the system needs to sort out, who is allowed to see what. That’s the smart part. It’s really quite cool.’

Did you have a lot of demand from customers, for this feature?

'Yes, definitely. We have more and more examples of clients who use a lot of data. An example is Neerlands Diep, which has started using the dialogues function intensively. As a result, there is a lot of need to search through all those dialogues.'


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How does search work? Click on the search-icon!

  • Search is automatically available in any training, coaching track or other groupspace on LearningStone.
  • All members can search. On the start page of a groupspace, the search is set to "All". If you navigate to e.g. Dialogues, the search is set to search in dialogues but you can switch back to searching "All".
  • The manager or coach in a groupspace can turn functions off. These functions will beautomatically removed from the search too.
  • If you search for something that is protected by a condition or if you search for a document in a protected folder, you won't be able to find it. This is also the case for coaches and managers.



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