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New forms and survey examples

As part of a powerful environment to help trainers turn their face-to-face courses into blended training, LearningStone offers a really useful tool to create forms and surveys. You can use the forms.

LearningStone of the day :-)

Our LearningStone of The Day picture was taken by producer Esther Zimmerman in Glencoe near Ballachulish in Scotland.
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Improvements: Common Groups

As the numbers of groups rise in LearningStone, it’s becoming more important to jump from group to group to group. You can do this through My Groups (all your groups), through the groups that are…

New: The Certificate Generator

Trainees love rewards. Sometimes it is a pat on the back for a job well done, more often a certificate, diploma or award has to do the trick.
As of today all workspaces can enjoy The…

EdTech solutions worth billions

It must have been more than 20 years ago that the words Courseware, Digital Learning Environments and Edutainment dominated conferences populated by pioneers developing products for a tiny market. In…

Excel downloads in LearningStone

If you love LearningStone but (understandably) hate importing CSVs into Excel, we have good news! You’ve been banging at our doors to add an Excel download for LearningStone Forms and for Progress…