Interview with LearningStone Founder Michiel Klønhammer about Blended Learning

In this interview on Blended Learning by Pilar Orti in the 21st Century Work Life series, Michiel talks about blended learning and LearningStone.
Listen now or download the podcast.

New: LearningStone for Coaching and Mentoring

While most users creating workspaces on LearningStone have a trainers background and think in terms of a trainer-group relationship (and we’re trying hard to support that scenario with the best…

What Cengage says about LearningStone

As LearningStone grows and we get to welcome new users from all over the world, it’s hard to pick the right ones to add to our testimonials.

We were really impressed by Cengage Learning, a 5.

How to become a Blended Trainer

If you're new to LearningStone, you might ask yourself how you can keep training groups but also start using an online platform to offer extra services and improve learning using the tools of…

Press release: LearningStone launches “LearningStone Dedicated”

LearningStone – the platform for blended learning – went live in the beginning of 2014 after two years of development and was officially launched during the ATD conference in Washington DC a few…

Will Thalheimer on Communities of Learners

Will Thalheimer, a writer and consultant in the learning field has been working on an interesting blog on “Subscription Learning” – arguing that learning with spaced repetition is better than without.

LearningStone on Edge

Microsoft will be releasing a totally new browser called Edge very soon. It is expected that millions of you will be buying a computer running Windows 10 + Edge in the coming months. No... it's…

LearningStone of the day

Our LearningStone of the day was taken by filmer Heinrich Dahms during the filming of "Between the Devil and the Deep", a brilliant, gripping documentary about a fishing community , abalone…

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