*also for free-for-ever LearningStone workspaces


Are you planning to use the free-for-ever workspace or a paid plan on LearningStone? Do you want to talk to a human about how it works and how LearningStone can fit into your professional offerings? Do you have questions about how to charge for blended learning or what functions are available on LearningStone?


Five easy steps

  1. Ask us to give you a tour (Skype or Zoom).
  2. Create a free-for-ever LearningStone workspace and ask us for generous free support.
  3. Decide on a plan, a course, material and participants.
  4. Ask us for our free training when you move on to any paid plan and personal coaching for creating a great course timeline, a nice house style, and to discuss your plans.
  5. Invite your participants and offer them the best online platform available.