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How to develop your online training skills?

As a trainer, you’re used to standing in front of a live group. When you and your participants are in the same room, it seems as if activating them comes naturally to you. In reality, it’s a skill you have developed based on training and experience. And now that you’ve fully mastered it, it’s become impossible to gather with participants in the same room. You have to sit in front of the camera, which feels a bit awkward. But here, too, practice makes perfect. How to make sure your online training courses are of the same quality — or perhaps even more top-notch?

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Take your training to the next level!

Do you believe nothing beats a live training in a physical room, because you can see exactly how people react? Try to look at it this way: an online training course allows you to improve the way in which you prepare and organize the live session. ‘Lecturing’ is no longer necessary, as you can have people work on the theoretical part beforehand. This way, live training sessions won’t be a one-way street. You can use them to discuss the materials participants have studied and see if they can apply theory in practice. This will allow you to see how people react and strengthen interaction. And you’ll use the time you have together to take the training to the next level.

Keep a grip on the asynchronous part

What about the period in between two sessions — in other words, the asynchronous part? If you want to keep a grip on it, you can use a blended learning platform. Here, participants can ask questions, communicate with each other about course materials, and complete small assignments you’ve posted. As a result, you will keep in touch with the group, making live sessions even more valuable.


Does all of this still sound a bit abstract? Would you like to see how a blended learning environment works in practice? Create a free LearningStone workspace. Or, contact us so we can discuss your opportunities!



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