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Videos in the blend: time to get in front of the camera!

Today, videos are an integral part of the content mix. You will find at least one video on every self-respecting website. As a trainer, you’re a content creator. So, in 2021, you have no choice but to start shooting!

Michiel Klønhammer, Chief Product Officer at LearningStone, agrees. He sees the work of trainers every day, which is why he knows what does and doesn’t work: “People are increasingly visually oriented. If you want participants to be committed, you need to alternate between training resources. And don’t forget the human factor: videos connect the synchronous and asynchronous moments that characterize blended learning.”

Blog video goldfish 30-9-2021

Our colleague Michael helps Michiel explain why video is important (and he loves practicing his accents :-). Together with cameraman Michel, Michael is currently recording a series of videos about LearningStone and blended learning. Coming soon to a screen (very) near you!

Lessons from a stack of training videos

The first LearningStone customer who decided to use videos was a 60-year-old British trainer. “She filmed herself with an iPad — with a photocopier in the background,” says Michiel. “It might not sound impressive, but the video was fantastic. The trainer had a disarming, personal, and encouraging attitude. Watching the video got you really excited to take her training!”

Over the years, Michiel has watched and shot a stack of training videos. And it has taught him a lot. “Sound quality is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production. Being unpretentious is key when it comes to e-learning: an ordinary office works much better than a poorly recreated studio setting (including an indoor plant). Other important factors are the video’s length and structure. If your video is on the longer side, you can give participants an assignment before they start watching. And if you organize Zoom or live meetings, you should discuss videos — for example, by asking questions about their contents. Incidentally, you can also do that by creating a quiz in the blended learning environment!”


The key question: How to create an amazing video?

Michiel likes to write out video scenarios. But if you prefer to improvise, that’s fine, too. “Just make sure your video isn’t boring and tedious,” he says. “You should be enthusiastic and expressive. If you think you’re exaggerating, you’re usually on the right track!”

Michiel’s tech-related tips are listed below:

  • It’s fine to record a video with your smartphone, but you should use a tripod to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Record short videos. They’re much easier to create, and participants like them better.
  • Invest in a tie-clip microphone. It is inexpensive and prevents annoying background noise from disrupting you. 
  • Practice a few times so you can tell your story naturally.
  • Export an MP4 file. As it’s very small, you can easily store and upload it.

Michiel shares several additional guidelines for those who prefer a slightly more professional approach:

  • Use editing software. Every smartphone allows you to cut videos. But if your material is on the longer side, it’s more convenient to work on your computer.
  • Make sure you use software that’s not too complex. Adobe Premiere is great, but software like Camtasia is much more suitable for e-learning (LearningStone uses it, too!). This professional, user-friendly software for screen productions allows you to suppress noise and add a title page, among other things.
  • Embrace voice-overs. If reciting isn’t your forte, you can hire a professional actor. Someone like the guy in the above video!


Ready to share your video? Upload it to your blended learning environment!

As a LearningStone user, you can upload your video directly to the online learning environment or use a Vimeo link. Be sure to adjust your settings so participants can only watch the video after logging in to LearningStone. Need help? Click here!



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