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We are extremely honored that LearningStone was included in the “Best LMS for 2022” list which is published annually by the leading consumer education website, This year’s focus was on “Ease of Use”, which is a huge testament to the work done by our team to address the most problematic issues that users typically face when utilizing a learning platform. The end result is a more intuitive and user-friendly learning platform for learning communities.

2022 Best LMS LearningStone.png wrote the following review on LearningStone:

Available in 7 languages, LearningStone is another great addition to the club based learning management systems out there. Features such as storage, calendaring, course timeline, progress tracking and collaborative friendly tools make it super easy to use and start offering training and courses right away using a diverse range of options at their disposal such as assignments, surveys, course timelines etc. Besides collaboration, the LMS also supports private learning spaces. Here is a list of reasons that make it great for all training needs for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

Meets Professional Needs

This is an LMS system that is built keeping in mind professional training, the relevant agencies and the nature and needs of the target group. Let’s understand how it does that.

Diverse Learning Tools

It offers highly diverse learning tools and which are aimed at supporting blended learning, bringing together synchronous and asynchronous. The platform support learning needs by bringing together all the learning materials, communication as well as planning tools in one place. Moreover, understanding the diversity of its clients and their target learner group, it comes with multiple languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish.

Increased Engagement

To increase interest and engagement within the learners, LearningStone allows for building learning communities which means participants interact with each other, share ideas and experiences and learn together. It doesn’t just help learners but also help with trainer targets.

Automation And Efficiency

There is high automation in the platform, such as ensuring that programs, courses can be used, reused and then further built upon. Clients benefit from business efficiency while the learners benefit from enhanced learning retention.


(for the complete list, please visit:“Best LMS for 2022”)

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