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The 10 big advantages of blended learning

Blended learning, Trainer

What are the advantages of blended learning over "traditional" training? LearningStone lists them.

Higher learning efficiency

Participants of a blended training course can study materials at their own pace - wherever and whenever they want. As a result, they come to live sessions perfectly prepared and learn more than only participating in a traditional training. Distributed and ‘asynchronous’ learning is very effective because you don't have to soak up all the information at once.

Better for the environment

A lot of unnecessary paperwork can be replaced with the use of LearningStone. Your trainees also make a lot less mileage. Blended learning is therefore a perfect choice to provide training in a more sustainable way.

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Training programs are easily duplicated within LearningStone. A blended learning platform makes it easy to reuse and improve training material for a new group of trainees.

Better overview for trainer and trainee

All your materials and training courses are in one central place. Within LearningStone, trainees can communicate and upload assignments, so you have a clear overview of what has been done within the training. As a trainer, you see what everyone has read, seen and clicked on so far.

More flexibility

In a blended learning environment there is a lot of variation possible to train live and online synchronously or asynchronously. Moreover, you can deal more flexibly with changing circumstances in society: if you have planned a live face-to-face session and it cannot take place, you switch to an online meeting.

Much more interaction

In LearningStone, as a trainer, you can communicate with participants 1-on-1 digitally and in class. There is a bulletin board that everyone can respond to. Asynchronously, participants respond to teaching materials, videos, polls and evaluations. Interaction among themselves is arranged with just a tap, click or swipe.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Whether you want to watch a training video on the bus, on the train or on the couch or respond online: it's all possible with LearningStone on your phone, tablet or laptop.

More fun

Blended learning increases the fun for the trainer and the participants. Digitally, with ‘likes’, photos and videos and a social “wall”,  so much is possible. Participants are better able to express their creativity within the online learning environment. The trainer can be more creative with teaching materials because so much is possible digitally.

Supports international ambitions

Do you provide training that deserves a global audience? Then you can easily cross borders with a platform that is geared towards international use. LearningStone supports multiple languages, timezones, and is designed to be used worldwide.

Financial gains

Training becomes a lot more interactive, fun, rich, modern and simply better with blended learning. As a trainer, you can charge more for your training, while saving on delivering some of your traditional classroom training.

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