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NLP trainees benefit from JBBX's blended elements

Customer story, Blended learning

The transition to blended learning gave JBBX ‘a lot of new energy’, says trainer Roland Breedveld. Designing blended elements that keep participants focused between live training sessions was fun to do. Breedveld worked as a manager for a long time, before making the switch to a career as a trainer.


Roland Breedveld. Photo: JBBX

And then suddenly there was blended learning. Breedveld remembers that his training agency JBBX had some healthy skepticism about adding all kinds of digital components to the mainly "human" live training courses. NLP (neuro linguistic programming), systemic work, personal leadership: everything at JBBX revolves around increasing personal strength. Live training is of great importance in enabling changes in behavior.

There was skepticism about blended learning

In 2019, Breedveld and colleagues had to redesign the personal development training program - until then relying entirely on "physical" availability - to the standards of blended learning. The training courses were completely rewritten, because in Breedveld's view you cannot transform a purely physical training course 1-on-1 to an online format. Everyone was a bit skeptical about this switch beforehand.

'But it actually gave us a lot of energy. We recorded a lot of videos. All kinds of creative ways of learning suddenly turned out to be possible, if you are open to it as a trainer. If you have online tools available, you can come up with so many fun, interesting and engaging elements to teach your participants,' confesses Breedveld, who became increasingly enthusiastic about designing a blended workspace.

Trainees want to get more out of their life 

Breedveld sees a lot of different people at his training sessions. Both young and old find their way to NLP. There is one common denominator: they all want to get more out of life. There are many people from the business world who want to work more purposefully and effectively, get more energy and results from their communication or work on their personal leadership.


Roland Breedveld during a NLP-training. Photo: JBBX

A lot of emails are now sent automatically

According to Breedveld, blended training ensures that participants can also learn a lot in between training sessions. Videos created by JBBX on specific topics can be watched at home. Especially if the participants want to repeat certain material from a block.

In between, the participants have contact with the trainers through the LearningStone system. 'That works well, also when it comes to making assignments,' Breedveld says. The trainers keep their attention on the learning material , by sending occasional messages.

A lot of emails are now sent automatically. All you have to do as a trainer is add a personal greeting. It’s really easy to schedule email in LearningStone.'

'The online part of blended learning as an addition to the live training sessions' 

Blended learning also saves the day when people miss sessions due to corona. Participants who have to cancel a training course for whatever reason can still stay with their group because they can do a lot online. That's nice for the participants and the trainers, so no one really falls too far behind behind.

'So we really see the online part of blended learning as an addition to the live training sessions - a deepening between the sessions. NLP training courses help you learn a positive mindset and increase your behavioral repertoire: keep doing what works, we always say, and increase your possibilities with new insights and behavior where it doesn't work. Because that's what people come for because they want to become more effective. We provide new insights and opportunities. We tell you how things can be done differently. And to really show new behavior, it's nice when you can practice it in a safe environment,' says Breedveld.

'With us you can experiment with the new insights with other participants, so that later on it will go well in practice. And you actually change that behavior in your private or business environment. We get a lot of good feedback. I hear from many people that even ten years after the NLP training, they still benefit from it.'

The business success stroked his ego, but he also ran into himself quite a bit

Actually, Breedveld already knew after graduating that he wanted to become a trainer. He first followed a completely different path. He became a manager in the business world and built factories, some of which in Ghana. The business success stroked his ego, but he also ran into himself quite a bit. He was never very happy with ‘the very hard and competitive’ of the business he was in – it just wasn’t the world he wanted to be in.

'I hear from many people that even ten years after the NLP training, they still benefit from it'

As a manager, he found the personal development of those around him most important. That made him happier than simply managing others. Therefore, the trainer living in Bussum made a career switch. For years now he has enjoyed giving training courses, including leadership training. He convinced that there is still so much to be gained, especially when it comes to personal leadership.

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