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Case: Wolters Kluwer Training

Customer story, Blended learning

Wolters Kluwer is the largest professional training company in Belgium with training on management, IT, Finance, and (much) more.
Miek Wouters, project manager at Wolters Kluwer Belgium explains:
"Wolters Kluwer discovered LearningStone at the Learning Technologies conference in London. LearningStone will at first be used to support longer running open programs at Wolters Kluwer. We think it’s here that the benefits of a blended learning environment are the greatest: participants need to get to know each other and the need for communication is strong. Furthermore, we’re really interested in the possibilities of "flipping the classroom".

We realized that it’s important to start out with an enthusiastic trainer but the participants also play an important role. In our first LearningStone group - part of an existing program - the use of discussion collaboration functions in LearningStone didn’t get used enough. Now we’re starting to design new courses, we’ll be able to think about this from the beginning. We’ll be including LearningStone functions from the start so that collaboration will be part of the course and - just to mention another example - participants will upload more onto LearningStone. This way LearningStone will be part of the DNA of the course.

In the meantime, we are very happy with LearningStone’s integrated forms for evaluations as part of our own learning process. Essential for us was the speed of the LearningStone crew when we asked questions. It’s not a difficult tool, but you have to learn to think differently when you're implementing blended learning and then all help is welcome. "






Miek Wouters

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