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How to use blended learning for more dynamic live sessions

How do our customers feel about LearningStone? In this blog, Evert Pruis, co-founder and partner of Forzes, shares his experience. Forzes helps organizations, teams, and individuals complete change processes using a positive approach. Its philosophy: building bridges while walking over them. Evert wanted to use a blended-learning platform for courses so knowledge transfer would no longer be central to face-to-face interaction. “LearningStone enabled me to pull it off,” he says. “Now, live meetings tend to revolve around interactivity and dialogue.”

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“You stay in control while allowing participants to determine their own learning pace”

What Evert likes about LearningStone is that it allows him to automate lots of things. “All materials we use in the course are available in the blended-learning environment from the start. This allows participants to determine their own learning pace. At the same time, LearningStone offers me the opportunity to stay in control. For example, I can point out a quiz to participants. Furthermore, I find it very useful that I can send automated emails to participants from LearningStone. It’s preprogrammed, which provides structure and convenience.”

The result is that live sessions are very different than they used to be. “In the past, I held a presentation. But I don’t do that anymore. Now, it’s more about social learning, extracting knowledge, and interventions. I can organize meetings this way because of LearningStone’s design. It results in sessions that are much more interesting to both me and my customers. It’s a successful concept!”


“A powerful, visually appealing, accessible environment”

“A blended-learning platform is new to most of my customers,” says Evert. Together with his participants, he continues to familiarize himself with the environment. “It helps that it’s a visually appealing, accessible platform. Powerful, yet easy to use. That’s one of the reasons why I opted for LearningStone.”

Evert believes another major advantage is that LearningStone doesn’t deviate from the course. “The design is a visual reflection of the curriculum. You can visualize the environment in such a way that it’s recognizable. That is wonderful!”



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