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We build platforms

At Maximonster Interactive Things we work on large scale applications like  LearningStone (platform for trainers and coaches), MWL (Platform for blended wellbeing),  Zotonic (open source framework), IRIS (school safety platform, acquired), Smart Workspaces (project) and MaxClass (platform connecting home and school, acquired).

We have worked for governments, monarchy, schools, universities, companies, NGO’s and startups. 

Want to know if we can build your platform or do you want to collaborate with us to build an online platform for a better business or a better world?
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People Powered Platforms

The applications we love make life better for businesses and people, lots of people with lots of interactions. Not only do we understand what it means for large amounts of people to enter a system to work or learn together but we also understand that these systems do not operate in a digital vacuum.

We understand that people like blended or hybrid worlds that let them free to organize themselves within the constraints of a system. The applications we design support procedures, data collection, and multimedial timelines combined with collaboration and other types of togetherness. Confused? Just ask us, and we’ll show you how we have provided a home for hundreds and thousands of members, participants, trainers, coaches, managers, mentors that are getting a job done. 

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We're using open source tools like Erlang, Zotonic, Django, Python, JQuery, JSon, and are developing a lot of new open source technology as we go. We build great user experiences and can deal with extreme performance needs. 

We love the sentence “for massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability.”
Erlang is the open source programming language with built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.
So that means: cheap, easily deployable and super super fast.
Though Erlang was originally focused on telecom applications, it is being used by internet developers all over the world (e.g What's App and Facebook) who need the same type of speed and reliability as we do.

More on technology   


About the name

Our name is lovingly stolen from the translation of the famous children’s book “Where the Wild Things are’  (1963) by Maurice Sendak. In the Dutch and French translation the Wild Things were called Maximonsters and the title became Max and the Maximonsters. 
The book is a great piece of art expressing the fantasy of a little boy who goes on an incredible adventure without leaving his home. In his fantasy he encounters the fierce maximonsters (who actually look kind of friendly). Luckily he returns safely when his mother calls him for dinner. As we think great internet projects are made by young minds, we thought the name suited us well. Or we were just being silly.
Luckily all the books are still in print after all these years. Are you a fan too? You might like this!



Founders & vision

Maximonster Interactive Things was founded by Michiel Klønhammer (ex CEO ICATT interactive media), Sjoerd Boersma (former founder of IRIS) and tech guru Marc Worrell (ex owner and  lead architect at Mediamatic and developer of AnyMeta and Zotonic).

We believe that businesses - large or small - can have a positive impact on society. By approaching the world with respect and an open mind, we can have a positive impact on our environment in our daily lives. We have established a sponsorship program for LearningStone. Would you like to take advantage of it? Read more here. (new windo)


Address: Weesperstraat 61, 1098 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (20) 8202384


Zotonic – open source web framework

As Erlang is a low level framework, it needs a framework to be able to develop fast and feature rich applications, at a competitive rate. Zotonic  offers content management but also a framework for scalable applications.

Zotonic is being adopted by developers all over the world. Maximonster is one of the main sponsors of the development. More info on Zotonic.