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NEW: LearningStone catalog with tiles

The display of a LearningStone workspace catalog is going to change. Instead of just a list, a "tile view" and a compact view will be introduced. In the next couple of weeks, the old view will continue to be shown first. You are already able to switch to the new view now to check it out. Starting May 1 the tile view will be displayed first.

ls-blog-tiles-EN .png


ls-yellow horizontal line LearningStone #fac112.png

Banners and the new display

More and more workspaces on LearningStone contain many groupspaces that are used for different trainings. The banner of the groupspace becomes even more visible in the tile view. Are you a manager? Then please check the banners shown with the group spaces. 

Did you know that you can choose whether the catalog and its group spaces are visible to trainees and coachees under Workspace settings? If visible, it is configurable whether members can request to join.

ls-yellow horizontal line LearningStone #fac112.png


A catalog with tiles? What should the manager do before May 1?

  • Go to the catalog and choose the left option (see arrow in the image above). 
  • For now, the middle view option is preselected by default for all users. This is the old view you're used to. As of May 1, the tile view will be displayed first. If you choose another view, this will be remembered for the next time you log in. 
  • The banners can be photos or graphic titles and are resized to max 300 px wide and 150 px high. If necessary, adjust the default images in the workspace settings under "Workspace logo & colors".
  • Each group workspace can also have its own banner. Choose the groupspace settings and then the top option "Title, banner and visibility" to upload a banner.

Need help or do you want us to redesign your default banner? Just ask, we’ll do it for free for any paid plan.


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