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Fiom wins the LearningStone Blended Learning Award

Fiom has won the Blended Learning Award from LearningStone and with it the LearningStone blender! Fiom truly excels with its beautiful blended learning design. Irma Polo and Wendy Kersten show what's possible with the platform, that’s created to help women who are unwanted pregnant.


Photo: Wendy Kersten and Irma Polo of Fiom with the LearningStone Blended Learning Award. 

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Take a look at the screenshot below. This is all possible with LearningStone. In the screenshot on the left, women (made anonymous for this publication, ed.) share their stories about their unwanted pregnancy on LearningStone.

The space on LearningStone is a private area where men and women not only share their experiences, but also hope to support others who are in a similar situation. They are clients of Fiom and access can only be requested through a counselor. Clients tell Fiom that they find it very valuable to read about experiences from peers.

So that they learn optimally from others and feel understood and supported. Because that's what LearningStone's workspaces are for.

The workspace is a private section where men and women share their experiences and hope to support others who are in a similar situation. They are clients of Fiom and access can only be requested through the social worker. Clients also feedback that they find it very valuable to read about their experiences from peers and fellow sufferers.

Fiom is there for anyone with questions about unwanted pregnancy, (distance to) adoption and donor conception. We help find answers, make choices and deal with the consequences of these life-defining issues. We stand for the right to self-determination of unwanted pregnant women and the right to know where you come from. 

These are loaded topics, where sharing of knowledge and experiences are incredibly important. And that is happening with Fiom's workspaces. At LearningStone we found the way Fiom works on LearningStone really inspiring. That is why they are the winner of the “LearningStone Blended Learning Award”.

Screenshot Fiom Irma.png

The beauty and  functionality of the blended learning of Fiom. 

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The brains behind Fiom on LearningStone

But how is it that Fiom's workspace on LearningStone looks so attractive and works so well? What’s the secret? ‘I think it's my background as a webmaster that helped when I was developing all this for Fiom. With some creative work and commitment, I managed to make it look like it does,' says Irma Polo, digital development specialist at Fiom. 'LearningStone turned out to be a perfect environment for sharing experiences within a closed network. We have very good control over who has access to it. And we did want to make it look good.’

Her colleague Wendy Kersten, has since taken over some of Polo’s work. She is the one who now manages the LearningStone environment. 'If you have a concept ready, you can easily copy it. In our case, if we have an experience story ready, you can easily use that for a new story. And what I love about LearningStone: it's so accessible to use’, says the policy development and knowledge transfer specialist at Fiom.

Polo, meanwhile, is doing something else within Fiom, so she no longer works with LearningStone as much as she did. She laughs: ‘It's a shame that Wendy is so good at her job, so I don't have to do as much with LearningStone myself. I always found LearningStone a joy to work with. '

Transferring knowledge

Creating beautiful applications is something Fiom does for a reason, of course. It is important to share knowledge so that people can make an informed choice and encourage learning. Whether it's an unwanted pregnancy, kinship questions or adoption. 'We are above all a center of expertise. We want to share as much knowledge as possible with professionals and stakeholders,' Kersten says. 'We provide training to midwives, social workers, family doctors, adoptive parents, you name it. It is nice that the participants of our trainings can already absorb a lot of knowledge via LearningStone before and during the trainings. The e-learning beforehand is the perfect preparation.

'You can really mean something for these people'

Polo is especially happy to be working for an organization that helps people. 'People we help face far-reaching decisions. It's a great job if you can support them in this. You can really mean something for these people.'

By the way, a lot less important, but nice to know: what will Fiom do with the beautiful ‘LearningStone blender’ with ‘The Blended Learning AWARD’ imprint? The blender had a prominent place at Fiom in recent weeks, but Irma Polo is seriously considering using it for her cooking, in her kitchen at home.

More about Fiom 

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