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LearningStone progress reports and forms just got better

Today we released a set of improvements to progress reports and forms, surveys, tests and quizzes that you might be happy with! And there's more coming soon!


The progress report improvements:

  • Improved progress reports: the progress report has been improved to accommodate large applications (better scrolling and a full screen view).

The improvements to forms (and surveys, tests and quizzes):

  • Overlay view: forms in course timelines (and quizzes, tests etc) can now ve opened in a window (we call it in an overlay) besides the existing view in a new tab so that it’s easier to return to the course timeline.
  • View previous results for participants: this is an option in the form settings to allow participants to view the results of a filled in form, quiz, evaluation etc. A new button “View” appears next to the “Open”. The default for new forms is that this feature is turned ON.
  • Better form settings: Form settings have been redesigned for easier use.
  • Faster re-positioning of questions: up and down buttons.
  • Design: Dozens of small design improvements (and more to come soon!).
  • Improved charts view: 5-point scales are included with the pie charts (not only multiple-choice).
  • More to come!

We love to hear what you think!

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