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Today we released a new version of LearningStone’s course timeline interface which is particularly useful if you have very long course timelines or if you like using a lot of headers graphics. And, even better: we have made it possible to copy entire grouspaces - which basically means that you can copy an entire training or coaching track along with all its configurations. And there is more!


Image of LearningStone course timeline, with permission from TMA International

Sticky course timelines

As LearningStone is being designed with the mobile user in mind, we make it possible to navigate through learning material vertically. In some cases this leads to very long LearningStone course timelines. That is why we have redesigned how headers behave and how users can open and close sections. We’ve used so called sticky headers and a lot of hidden tech, to create more space and help learners focus.
Let us know how this works for you! We’ll be releasing more improvements soon.


Improved library navigation

The two libraries (course timelines and forms) you’ll find in every LearningStone groupspace have been integrated. A library menu has been added to the left navigation bar helping you navigate quickly through your content.


Full group copy and faster archiving

Thank you for your patience if you asked for this feature! It’s now possible for workspace managers  to copy a full groupspace with course timelines, configuration (which functions are turned on etc) and even which trainer or coach. Simply go to the workspace catalogue and choose the new menu en then “Copy”.
Do you need to archive lots of groups? We’ve added that to the quick menu too. If you want to remove a groupspace altogether, either use the delete function in the settings, or archive the groupspace first and then in - the archive-  choose the new menu to delete.

And more...

  • Redesign section block with better instructions
  • Adjust access configuration for Solo group rooms so that the departure of administrators does not affect subsequent administrators
  • Adjustments to formatting of settings 
  • Adjustments to compression of images

More improvements? Read on!




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