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‘Well-being? Blended learning provides a more profound learning effect’

‘Well-being’ is probably not the first term that comes to mind when you think of blended learning. But huge opportunities await at that very intersection, says Ymke Rinsema, the go-to blended support expert at Blitco. This cooperative of knowledge workers helps well-being organizations make the switch to blended support.

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‘Many people struggle with problems but find it difficult to ask for help,’ says Ymke. ‘If you offer them the opportunity to learn a skill, you invite them to take control. That feels very different. And if you allow them to learn that skill in an online environment, it's much more impactful.’

‘Knowledge is stickier and live training courses achieve more depth’

While the blended principle has been fairly widely embraced in the commercial world, the well-being sector is lagging behind. ‘Most professionals help people become proficient in life in the traditional way,’ says Ymke. ‘They talk to clients and provide advice. Sometimes they also organize physical training sessions — for example, they have the group meet once a week to become more assertive or learn how to use money. In the meantime, participants may work on an assignment, but there is no interaction.’

'People are way better prepared for live training courses, which therefore achieve more depth'

A great lack, if you ask Ymke: ‘With blended learning, you'll achieve a much more in-depth and long-lasting learning effect. Knowledge is stickier, which is especially important for well-being related training courses. Experience shows that people can often apply well learned life skills to other areas of life. Moreover, blended learning allows you to respond to different learning styles. And people are much better prepared for live training courses, which therefore achieve more depth.’

‘Like us, LearningStone thinks outside the box’

Based on this philosophy, Ymke and her co-workers at Blitco currently supervise leading group BEB (blended services, effect measurement, and benchmark), a group of organizations that want to introduce blended support — in other word: add online learning to counceling — along with ICT company AdSysco. ‘We train professionals, develop customer journeys, and provide guidance on designing modules. Additionally, we support organizations in implementing Mijn Welzijn-Leren, the blended learning environment we're currently filling with content.’

'I really like the fact that LearningStone provides full technical management.'

This environment runs LearningStone, which Ymke believes is ideally suited for blended support: ‘The blended learning platform offers several communication levels and is incredibly stable. It accommodates the needs of both individual users and groups. And I really like the fact that LearningStone provides full technical management. Many other platforms require organizations to take care of it themselves. Well-being organizations, in particular, don't like such complex tasks, which force them to hire external professionals.’

Ymke also praises LearningStone's continuous development: ‘The lines are short. If we have a request, LearningStone handles it. That's great as this new initiative is quite a challenge for this sector. So, we need to think outside the box — and LearningStone does the same!’

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