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Flexible, tailored blended learning platform: what are the benefits?

How do our customers feel about blended learning? What has it done for them? In this blog, Yielder's Alexander Valeton shares his experience. The company provides an information and communication platform designed for the agricultural business in Kenya, connecting a knowledge database to a farmer's database in different ways. "We use blended learning for the whole shebang," says Alexander. "The blended learning platform is useful for training and coaching, but also for multimedia purposes: we can add audio files, cartoons, and even card games to our clients' modules. These are all different ways to connect to knowledge."

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"A flexible, easy-to-use, well-layered blended learning platform"

What’s “the whole shebang” Alexander refers to? Well, sparking people’s interest in agriculture is a serious issue in Kenya. Yielder uses LearningStone to train so-called ambassadors, who then share their knowledge with the farmer communities they’re from – again, through LearningStone, where the results are subsequently registered. Yielder’s clients include NGOs, research organizations, and universities that want to share their knowledge with farmers by training and deploying ambassadors using the blended learning platform. LearningStone is the ideal tool for them: it allows ambassadors to convey the knowledge of Yielder’s clients to local farmers, so these farmers are better prepared to produce more and make a better living. In person and digital go hand in hand.

Providing online training in this unique, tailored way has proven to be very successful. "The combination of the IT infrastructure and the actual training really works," says Alexander. Clients regularly provide positive feedback on LearningStone, which he incorporated into Yielder’s environment. "In my experience, the biggest advantage of LearningStone is that it's very flexible and easy to use. What's also great is that it has many different layers: you can organize all administrative matters in the platform, but if you want to use it at a more basic level, that's possible, too. You can make it as simple or advanced as you like."

Alexander actively communicates these options to clients: "We tell them the blended learning platform can meet their demand, no matter the level of interaction they prefer. The fact that it works on all levels is very appealing."


"LearningStone has treated us as a partner from the get-go"

The decision to integrate LearningStone into Yielder's environment was a well considered one. "When I talked to co-founder Sjoerd Boersma, I found him to be extremely collaborative in finding the right solution for us," Alexander explains. "His patience and ability to think along with us made LearningStone an excellent choice."

The fact that LearningStone doesn't offer a static blended learning solution also appealed to Alexander: "Sjoerd immediately understood what we wanted and was very open to adapting the solution so as to tailor it to our needs. On top of that, LearningStone has treated us as a partner from the get-go. There's no client-provider hierarchy. I feel like we're in it together!"

Do you want to know how you can benefit from a flexible blended learning platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your opportunities.



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