Designing blended learning for the workplace

A learning platform or a LMS has to fit into a complete design for learning where it has to serve its purpose. In designing a blended learning solution the choice of the media is one of the last…

New Testimonial: eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild Academy is the training division of the eLearning Guild, the largest organisation for eLearning professionals in the United states. With more than 60.000 members, many…

New Testimonial: The Stairway Consultancy

The Stairway Consultancy is a learning management consultancy in the UK dedicated to helping organisations increase their focus on the customer and develop their leadership and employee capability.

New Testimonial: Flying Penguin

Flying Penguin International supports large corporation with their complex middle management challenges.
General Manager Gilles de Groot explains what he really likes about LearningStone.

LearningStone official partner of eLearning Guild Academy

LearningStone is proud to announce that the eLearning Guild – the prime organization for eLearning professionals in the US – has selected LearningStone as one of its primary learning and…

New: LearningStone times zones and calendar subscriptions

The calendar in LearningStone has been improved. Besides many small changes, the calendar now supports time zones and a link to subscribe to the calendar in Outlook or other calendars.

37 x yes

The LearningStone team gets a lot of questions. Sometimes we can just say yes. Here is 37 x yes (a little tribute to the company that was once called 37 signals).

We love social... or is it collaborative learning?

In our daily practice, we often have to switch back and forth between the words collaborative and social. We see collaborative learning as those active moments of learning together in groups versus…

So you’re in EdTech and want to go to the ATD or Learning Solutions conference?

Recently LearningStone – the new online learning, communication and collaboration tool - went to the ASTD international conference and expo. I thought I would share our experiences with you.

New: Pinning groups to your topbar.

As you know, LearningStone offers workspaces with one or more groups, which are like virtual classrooms. Most LearningStone users don’t see much more than the one group they are a member of.   If…

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