The LearningStone Terms for Professional Services are part of the General Terms

The standard ICT-Office Conditions are applicable for all our professional services unless other terms are explicitly agreed upon in writing and signed. 




Module 1 - Software license
Module 2 - Development of software
Module 3 - Maintenance of software
Module 4 - Application service provision, software as a service and computer service
Module 5 - Development and maintenance
Module 6 - Webhosting
Module 7 - Secondment services
Module 8 - Courses and training programmes
Module 9 - Advice, consultancy and project management
Module 10 - Other services
Module 11 - Sale of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment and other items
Module 12 - Renting out ICT, telecommunication and office equipment
Module 13 - Maintenance of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment
Module 14 - Internet access
Module 15 - Telecommunication services
Module 16 - Financing and leasing of ICT
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