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Blended learning is the combination of live and online learning. LearningStone is a flexible, scalable learning environment that lets you share materials, communicate with and test your trainees, plan events and manage and (re-)use everything from one central application. It's time to offer a better learning experience, improve your customers ROI and increase your revenue.

During a short and fun webinar, one of our founders will show how "traditional" training programs can be reshaped into a blended program and how this will help your trainees and  improve your business.

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30 min Webinar

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Feb 19


EST 6:30 AM      

BST 11:30 AM   
CET 12:30 PM 


30 min Webinar

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April 16


PDT 8:00 AM   
EST 11:00 AM

BST 4:00 PM    
CET 5:00 PM 


30 min Webinar

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June 12


BST 9:00 AM    
CET 10:00 AM