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All you ever wanted to know about LearningStone (and its forms)

We have a growing number of experienced users. Are you one of them? Then an Accelerator training is interesting for you. In 2 sessions we will introduce you to the more advanced features of LearningStone.

Would you like to join us? Then register for the training which will take place on 11 and 18 May. If this date doesn't suit you, just let us know and we'll make a custom appointment!

One of the advanced features is our Forms Creator. A number of trainees asked for more examples of what you can do with forms and we listened! To start with, a brand new tutorial and even more examples to show you advanced tricks with our Forms Creator. And that's only one of the advanced features LearningStone has to offer!

Forms, Surveys, Tests & Quizzes


These examples are available for copying in the Examples folder in the Forms library (see settings in any groupspace).

Join us for “A little brain Quiz” (new window) which demonstrates some design variations using our forms creator which can be used for intakes, evaluations, surveys and tests and quizzes. And are you interested in some advanced branching with page jumps or button jumps? Jump right in! Branching with page jumps and button jumps (new window).

More forms and help





Interested in LearningStone? Ask us for a tour! Want to know what our users think? Read their testimonials here. If you want to receive blogs like these by mail, sign up here (new window).


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