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Inviting people to LearningStone just got easier

There are several ways of inviting people to a training, collaboration group, learning community or coaching track in LearningStone. We usually recommend our wizard for inviting multiple members. It checks several things along the way to make sure you don’t make mistakes. Now we have even made that easier!


When you invite someone, they get added as an invited member. When the invited member receives the email invitation and if they already have a LearningStone account, they can simply login. If they do not have an account yet they can create it and accept the invitation.

Have you ever had a participant go to LearningStone before they had seen the invitation and that they couldn't get into the training? We have solved that situation. Starting today an invited member can also just ignore the whole email and simply login. If they have a verified e-mail address, they will see a list of invitations and can just accept them on the spot. This will solve the problem that over-enthusiastic users who login to LearningStone before opening their email invite get confused.

Are you a manager or coach and have experimented a lot, then you might find a whole list of outstanding invitations from the past. Don't worry just click on the red decline button. Any questions? Just click on Feedback & Support at the bottom of any page.

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