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The 5 savings of Blended Learning

Blended learning means many savings. LearningStone lists the 5 most important savings.

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1. You save a lot of time - and time is money

Yes, you first invest time to transform to blended learning, but after that you save forever because so much is automated. Administration, emails, communication: everything is centralized and goes much faster when you've made the switch to blended learning.

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2. You save on paper

Say goodbye to the syllabus or all that paperwork. It saves a lot of paper, spares the environment and unnecessary lugging. And most importantly: a lot of money.

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3. You save on travel time (and mileage)

Much less travel time for trainer and client. Gasoline costs, cost of car and public transport will always be less with blended learning.

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4. Substantial savings on room rental and locations.

Of course you still see trainees regularly at live sessions. But you don't have to see them that often, because you are blended. So trainees learn a lot between, before and after the live sessions. And you have reduced the number of times 'live' and you don't have to rent a room every time.

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5. Fewer trainers needed, or a different kind of trainer

With this argument we are of course careful, because good trainers will always be needed, especially with blended learning. But automation and the centralized sharing of information can save costs, if it is purely about using trainers in live locations. What blended learning requires is a new kind of trainer who can handle both a live session and the online platform.

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