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In our customer's words: "After we introduced blended learning, participants' skepticism was gone"

How do our customers feel about blended learning? What has it done for them? In this blog, Greg Owen-Boger, the vice president of Turpin Communication, shares his experience. Having been with the company for twenty-three years, he wears many hats – from running the business to being one of the instructors for their workshops. At the core of it all, though, is communication. "Basically, anytime a person speaks with a group of people in a business context, we can help them do it better," Greg explains. Therefore, training sessions are paramount to Turpin Communication. And they're built around blended learning.

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"The difference is huge: workshops run much more efficiently"

"Participants used to be skeptical coming into our workshops," Greg says. "What is this communication workshop going to be like? What does it mean? Will it be a waste of time?" Such questions were no longer asked after Turpin Communication introduced blended learning. "Once people could view course materials and instructor videos before getting into the live workshop, we saw a huge difference. Their skepticism was gone."

Now, participants are more eager to attend workshops. "Having prepared beforehand, they're ready to go, which means workshops run much more efficiently than they used to. Course materials and videos are there as support tools. Our buyers like that – they take advantage of the blended learning platform." 

"LearningStone really cares about its clients"

When it comes to blended learning, Turpin Communication was a trailblazer. "We adopted this approach before it was the thing to do," Greg explains. "Back in the day – and I'm talking about the early 2000s – we couldn't find a suitable platform, so we built our own and called it eCoach. It was clunky, but it did work for several years: participants could watch videos back after a live session with a coach, for example. In the meantime, technology evolved. When we went back to the market, we looked at a range of platforms." So what made the company opt for LearningStone? "It met our needs because we're so heavily video-based. LearningStone allows us to upload tons and tons of videos. On top of that, we were drawn to the platform's timeline: we liked the idea of tracking conversations."

Yet the platform wasn't a perfect fit because of the uniqueness of what Turpin Communication tries to accomplish. "LearningStone worked with us to customize the solution. Ever since, we've had a really strong relationship. Whenever there's a question or issue, it's addressed within hours." It's an approach Greg has appreciated for years. "A few months ago, we were speaking at a conference, and LearningStone’s cofounder Sjoerd was there, too. Amidst the bustle, he carved out time to hang out with us during our talk. That says a lot about who he is and how much the company cares about its clients!"

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