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New: Embedding Prezi Presentations and Prezi video in LearningStone

Product news

Are you developing training or coaching material for LearningStone? Why not embed some existing material? Recently we improved the embedding function in LearningStone which makes it easier to combine all the content for your own program.


It was already easy to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and now LearningStone also supports embedding both Prezi Presentations and Prezi Video which is an interesting new tool for trainers and coaches!

Technically, “Embedding” means you leave media where it is (e.g. Vimeo) and show it within LearningStone. With a recent release, we improved the possibilities for embedding. You can embed: Vimeo, YouTube, Prezi, SlideShare, Flickr and many other formats. Need another one? Let us know and if the service is suitable and safe, we will add it to our list of embeddable services.

Embed Prezi Presentations or Prezi video

Step 1. Copy

For Prezi Presentations: choose "Embed" in Prezi and copy the code.

For Prezi Video: copy the URL at the top of the page (http://...


Step 2. Paste in LearningStone

For public pages or text blocks: insert in the body with the media icon (a mountain) and then choose “Website or embed” and paste the code or link and and a title.

For content blocks in a course timeline: choose Add > and then “Website or embed” and then paste the code or link and add a title.


Examples to try

Prezi Presentations:  (embed with embed code)
Prezi Video: (embed with link)
Vimeo:  (embed with link)
YouTube: (embed with link)
SlideShare: (embed with embed code)

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