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As the blended learning expert, LearningStone offers the ideal platform.

LearningStone is used all over the world by training and coaching professionals who need to support blended training or coaching with an excellent digital platform. LearningStone is offered as an affordable subscription or as a dedicated technology platform. 

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I'm Sjoerd and I would love to explain how a platform can help your business or organization. We challenged our team to summarize LearningStone in 2 minutes but I would love to have a real conversation with you.

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LearningStone loves blended training and coaching.

We support both collaborative and individual scenarios which means that you can support groups of participants learning and working together but you can also let individual participants learn on their own or be coached independently. Even better: you can combine training and coaching in one platform!

And if you were wondering who uses LearningStone? Why not check out the testimonials! (new window)