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New on LearningStone: providing access, the mentor role and a new block

There has been a lot of development at LearningStone in the past month. Thanks to the active collaboration with our users, we are able to identify new needs and we are able to develop new concepts.

A new framework: with a new 'front-end' framework, LearningStone is much faster and there are new design options. The home page loads 2x as fast! The new LearningStone house style could be implemented thanks to the new framework and this week it was also applied to the "LearningStone-powered" platform for well-being organizations.

Progress conclusion block: do you want to give a feedback based on points scored by a participant? Then from now on you can use the new course timeline block "Progress Conclusion". Also useful to let participants check if they have finished everything. See also this blog.

The new "Mentor" role: Members assigned as mentors can communicate with members and be assigned to a member's personal folder. The mentor role is useful for - as you might expect - mentors but also for guests who are watching but not participating, such as a principal.


Provide access to folders: both shared folders and personal folders can now be shared with specific people. Choose "Provide access" from the menu next to the folder and you'll see how it works. Both the coach and the administrator can provide access.


Personal folders visible through the progress report: if you work a lot with personal folders, e.g. for private assignments, a portfolio or other things that should not be shared, you can now quickly see what the latest documents are in each folder.

Latest new documents quickly visible: do you prefer to view documents through "Docs", the storage system in LearningStone? Then choose the new icon on the top right to view the last five documents in a folder (see the arrow in the image above).

Progress report always visible: Where previously the report was only visible when using progress markers, a progress report can now be visible at all times - useful for quickly seeing responses to forms or looking up the latest documents. More about progress markers and reports.

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