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So in what markets and industries is LearningStone used?

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Who is our system for? We get that question a lot at LearningStone. The answer is difficult to keep short and sweet, because LearningStone is used by so many organizations: training and coaching agencies, educators, and L&D professionals happily use LearningStone. Business, health and welfare organizations, government, banks and SMEs have also embraced blended learning with LearningStone.


Whether it's professionals development or talent development, LearningStone is widely used by companies and organizations to get the most out of people. Because with blended learning, organizations take the learning process - when supported by the right tools - to a higher level. With a tool like LearningStone, it becomes doable to get the balance between face-to-face  and online learning right.

But companies and teams also benefit from LearningStone, because our system means a lot for team and organizational development. By using LearningStone, trainers and coaches ensure that live meetings are much more interactive, with more dialogue, because participants are prepared better and learn a lot better between sessions.

LearningStone is used all over the world

LearningStone also supports personal development in the areas of music, sports and meditation. Our personal favorite is the work done by Dutch saxophonist Jelske Hoogervorst, who has used LearningStone to scale her teaching practice.

LearningStone is also used in the field of blended care and well-being. Through a separate “LearningStone powered platform”, both trainers and clients of well-being organizations are helped with mental illness, burn out and other areas of personal well-being.

A final area where professionals use LearningStone successfully is  the trainings where trainers and coaches sharpen their own qualities. How do you transfer knowledge? How do you do that as effectively as possible, and do you have to have all the knowledge to do that yourself, or do you support someone who is transferring his or her knowledge to, say, their colleagues? Questions like that are all more easily answered thanks to the use of LearningStone.

Want to know more?

On this page you will find the complete overview of the different markets and sectors where professionals with LearningStone ensure that people and teams continue to develop.  

If you have a need that doesn't fit into the categories, we'd love to hear about it. And if you do recognize your area of work, make an appointment and ask us to think with you!

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