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NEW: Personal Note Block for LearningStone course timelines

Did you ever want to add a personal message to a LearningStone course timeline? A message that can only be seen by one specific participant? Maybe a link to an external location, a personal video or just a short message? Though there are lots of personal messaging possiblities, this new block adds an extra personalisation option.

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The personal note!

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Why this new block?

As with most of our improvements or new functions, this was a feature request from a user. (Thank you Ranger Human Capital!). For a training, it was necessary to add personal links to the learning material. Though Docs – the online storage in LearningStone – makes it’s possible to share individualized learning material and messages can be sent to invidividuals, it made sense to add a more direct possiblity to the course timelines. And so we did. It’s available for everyone as of today!

A new interface!

With the arrival of this new type of block, our list of blocks became a bit long and cluttered. We decided to redesign the interface to choose blocks. We'd love to hear what you think of it!

ls-yellow horizontal line LearningStone #fac112.png


How to use the Personal note block?

  • Open the course timeline editor and add a “Personal Note” block, for example at the top.
  • You can add an introduction that will be seen by all members but this is optional.
  • Save and view the course timeline and click on “Progress” to open the progress report. Notice that a column has appeared with the title of the personal note block.
  • Click on the cell next to a participant and add a text, link, pictures or video. This is what this participant will see.



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