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Hello Maximonster

Did you know that LearningStone is created by Maximonster Interactive Things? We don't often mention our company name in the LearningStone context, but since we don't just develop LearningStone, we'd like to take a moment to point it out. Hello Maximonster! And wondered where that name came from?
Then read on.


At Maximonster Interactive Things we work on large scale applications like  LearningStone (platform for trainers and coaches), MWL (Platform for blended wellbeing),  Zotonic (open source framework), IRIS (school safety platform, acquired), Smart Workspaces (project) and MaxClass (platform connecting home and school, acquired).

People Powered Platforms

The core of our work is to develop good technology that really helps (large groups of) people get ahead. We like to call the result:  "People Powered Platforms."  Our platforms have  already supported hundreds of thousands of people.

We have worked for governments, monarchy, schools, universities, companies, NGO’s and startups. 

Want to know if we can build your platform or do you want to collaborate with us to build an online platform for a better business or a better world?
Give us a call!

Whant to know more (and where does that name come from?)

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