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Fresh design and fresh forms!

As you may have noticed, we are gradually rolling out some wonderful new design elements all over LearningStone. Have a look at our appointment pages, our services page, dedicated page and many more (see links below). We would like to thank designer Laszlo Klönhammer for all this great art work!
The elements are used in general pages but there are also design elements available that our users can download and use in LearningStone course timelines and LearningStone forms, surveys tests and quizzes. We have just released the first set of forms with the new design elements that you can copy and use for your own LearningStone applications.



You can download all of these headers from our download page.

If you’re looking for these forms, you can simply make a copy in your forms library. Go to the settings of any LearningStone groupspace, choose “Forms” and then “Copy or create”.
If you scroll down, you’ll see the Examples folder containing these forms and more.

1: A form containing examples of the question types

2: A simple evaluation

3: A form with jumps and branches (See explanation below)

4: An evaluation survey based on Netpromoter

5: Signup for a course

6: Intake form

7: Self-grading test or quiz

8: Log book for Learning Goals



Did you know that forms are free to use for an unlimited amount of respondents for an unlimited amount of forms, even for the free plan? Forms can be used independently or within a LearningStone course timeline.

And check out the cool illustrations for the following pages!

Schedule an appointment
Sponsor program

And there’s lots more to come!



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