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Introducing PowerAdmin: a powertool for managing members and groupspaces

Are you a LearningStone manager who needs to find members quickly, manage large amounts of groups, create groupspaces all the time? You are going to be so happy! We have just released the "PowerAdmin" - a totally new way of managing LearningStone groupspaces and members.

blog illustration power admin EN.png

The PowerAdmin is a power tool, you can edit details across multiple groupspaces or even workspaces, so use it with caution.

You can find the PowerAdmin through the workspace settings and through a link in the menu in "Organize members". In that case, filters are set so you see the members of the current groupspace which is useful if you are managing  a very large group.

You can search for members and manage them (start with “Manage members”) and manage groupspaces with the PowerAdmin (start with “Manage groupspaces”).

May the force be with you!

More info in the Help

Don't feel like reading? We will provide an overview of the PowerAdmin's capabilities during the LearningStone online MasterClass in addition to an introduction to the "Personal Note" and more.
It's 1 hour on Friday 13th of October 15:00 CET (Amsterdam), 14:00 BST (London), 9 AM EST (New York).

Sign up for the webinar now.

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