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  • LearningStone official partner of eLearning Guild Academy

    Posted 04-07-2014, by LearningStone

    LearningStone is proud to announce that the eLearning Guild – the prime organization for eLearning professionals in the US – has selected LearningStone as one of its primary learning and collaboration platforms and has chosen LearningStone as one of its official... Read more »
  • New: LearningStone times zones and calendar subscriptions

    Posted 27-06-2014, by LearningStone

    The calendar in LearningStone has been improved. Besides many small changes, the calendar now supports time zones and a link to subscribe to the calendar in Outlook or other calendars. Read more »
  • 37 x yes

    Posted 19-06-2014, by LearningStone

    The LearningStone team gets a lot of questions. Sometimes we can just say yes. Here is 37 x yes (a little tribute to the company that was once called 37 signals). Read more »
  • We love social... or is it collaborative learning?

    Posted 03-06-2014, by LearningStone

    In our daily practice, we often have to switch back and forth between the words collaborative and social. We see collaborative learning as those active moments of learning together in groups versus social learning as ongoing learning in an organization through ‘social’ connections.
    In general we prefer the word collaboration or perhaps even cooperation above social as we find that the social media connotation sometime scares people away, though social learning is so much more than exchanging information through... Read more »
  • So you’re in EdTech and want to go to the ATD or Learning Solutions conference?

    Posted 27-05-2014, by LearningStone

    Recently LearningStone – the new online learning, communication and collaboration tool - went to the ASTD international conference and expo. I thought I would share our experiences with you.
    The ASTD convention is focused on professional development and just in case you can’t find them anymore– the ASTD was renamed and rebranded during the conference to ATD - Association for Read more »
  • New: Pinning groups to your topbar.

    Posted 24-04-2014, by LearningStone

    As you know, LearningStone offers workspaces with one or more groups, which are like virtual classrooms. Most LearningStone users don’t see much more than the one group they are a member of.


    If you’re a trainer or group manager you might have noticed that you’re were getting more and more groups stuck to your top bar. To help you organize the groups a bit we introduced pinning to the top bar. All you have to do, is click on a star to favorite a group and it will remain attached to the top bar. Click on it again, and it will be gone as soon as your leave that group.


    If you’re looking for any other group, just click on My Groups and you’ll see a new so called mega menu fold out and show all the starred and unstarred groups you are a member of. 

  • LearningStone at the ASTD conference in Washington DC (May 5-6-7 2014)

    Posted 22-04-2014, by LearningStone

    The ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition brings the training and development industry to life and LearningStone will be there! This will be our official launch.

    The ASTD is the world's largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field and the yearly conference is one of the biggest in its kind. Each year thousands of professionals flock together to meet and to get an update of the innovations in the field. Read more »
  • Hiding groups and social links

    Posted 16-04-2014, by LearningStone

    We’re adding features every day. Here’s two that many of you asked us about.

    Hiding groups
    It’s now possible to hide your groups in the group list in LearningStone or you can hide the group list all together (workspace managers only).
    This means that groups are hidden for everyone except the members.
    You can now also choose to hide the “Join the group” buttons (all of them or per group). If someone clicks on this button, they send a message to the manager (that’s you!) asking if they can join. You might not want that for your groups of for a specific group so now... Read more »
  • On the move (and a little favor)

    Posted 31-03-2014, by LearningStone

    We have all sorts of good news and a little favor to ask.
    It’s thrilling to see real life training professionals use LearningStone! We’ve been seeing some of our clients (our pioneers, thank you for the trust!) adding group after group. In some cases we’ve been helping out by adding some branding or designing the course timeline, so if you need that, please tell us, but in a lot of cases we don’t have to help at all.

    Reviews (and a little favor) Read more »
  • Elearning is just too lonely

    Posted 18-03-2014, by LearningStone

    For a guest lecture, co-founder Michiel Klønhammer was asked to talk about LearningStone.

    It’s always a good moment to reconsider the proposition one has. For insiders, LearningStone is all about supporting instructor led training with an online platform. In a word, it’s about blended learning and the practicalities of offering training in a classroom setting with all the benefits of the online world. Read more »