9 great ways to stimulate collaborative learning

As a professional trainer you might know how to make participants feel comfortable and motivated so they will work, collaborate and learn together. But how do you make people feel comfortable and…

A really very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015!

  LearningStones in Dartmoor by the great   Alex Nail     It's been a super exciting year for us! LearningStone went live, we met the public for the first time at the ATD expo in Washington DC

LearningStone at the Venture Summit in Boston (December 9-10)

As LearningStone is already being used for so many business critical applications, you might be surprised to hear that LearningStone was selected for an event organized by Young Startup Ventures.

New version of LearningStone on 21st of November

A new version of LearningStone will go live on November 21st (about 3-5 AM EST, 9-11 AM European Central Time). We expect that there will be little or no downtime but suggest not to plan any critical…

LearningStone Free gets Docs and Albums, for free!

Great news: we just gave LearningStone Free users two big functionalities they were missing compared to the paid plan users: Docs and Albums.
Docs is our massive secure storage system that makes.

New Testimonial: Trainer Solange Jacobsen

Solange Jacobsen is a trainer and project leader at Bureau Youth & Media and specialize in what organizations can or cannot do to protect the interests and safety of young people online. She…

New Testimonial: Driestar Education

Driestar Educatief is a centre of knowledge for Christian education and University of Professional education that specialises in the training of both primary and secondary teachers. Driestar…

How to find the right start-up name (and yes we’re scared of IBM)

So what’s in a name? The LearningStone crew can tell all about it! A lot of fun, endless brainstorms, a more than endless search for free or affordable domains, bidding on domain names, name testing…