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  • Hiding groups and social links

    Posted 16-04-2014, by LearningStone

    We’re adding features every day. Here’s two that many of you asked us about.

    Hiding groups
    It’s now possible to hide your groups in the group list in LearningStone or you can hide the group list all together (workspace managers only).
    This means that groups are hidden for everyone except the members.
    You can now also choose to hide the “Join the group” buttons (all of them or per group). If someone clicks on this button, they send a message to the manager (that’s you!) asking if they can join. You might not want that for your groups of for a specific group so now... Read more »
  • On the move (and a little favor)

    Posted 31-03-2014, by LearningStone

    We have all sorts of good news and a little favor to ask.
    It’s thrilling to see real life training professionals use LearningStone! We’ve been seeing some of our clients (our pioneers, thank you for the trust!) adding group after group. In some cases we’ve been helping out by adding some branding or designing the course timeline, so if you need that, please tell us, but in a lot of cases we don’t have to help at all.

    Reviews (and a little favor) Read more »
  • Elearning is just too lonely

    Posted 18-03-2014, by LearningStone

    For a guest lecture, co-founder Michiel Klønhammer was asked to talk about LearningStone.

    It’s always a good moment to reconsider the proposition one has. For insiders, LearningStone is all about supporting instructor led training with an online platform. In a word, it’s about blended learning and the practicalities of offering training in a classroom setting with all the benefits of the online world. Read more »
  • LearningStone adds form, survey and test application

    Posted 25-02-2014, by LearningStone

    LearningStone now not only makes it really easy to setup a course timeline to support your instructor led training but offers a form & survey app for things like evaluations, pre-testing and even public surveys outside of LearningStone... Read more »
  • Great resources for Training professionals on LinkedIn

    Posted 19-02-2014, by LearningStone

    At LearningStone we’re just like you: we’re constantly on the move trying to understand the world around us. LinkedIn turns out to be a great place for people interested in the professional development and training world. But… it’s a big world and it takes a while to find all the right groups.
    We’ve made a little compilation for... Read more »
  • Press & Blog release - LearningStone Launch

    Posted 05-02-2014, by LearningStone

    After two years of development and extensive testing, the founders of LearningStone are delighted to announce that they have gone live with their new cloud-based learning and communication platform for professional trainers and their trainees. With offices in Princeton and Amsterdam, LearningStone is ready to conquer the world!
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  • When (not) to use Moodle or LearningStone

    Posted 10-01-2014, by LearningStone

    In the past half year, while we were working towards going live, we often got the question why not use Moodle for professional training. Some of our first clients actually used Moodle in the past and have chosen LearningStone. You probably want to know why.
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  • LearningStone live!

    Posted 07-01-2014, by LearningStone

    After a lot of hard work, we have gone live. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those who have trusted us and even become our clients based on the first version.