Introducing the LearningStone Charity Sponsorship Program

At LearningStone, we strongly believe that companies should support causes with what they do best. In our case this is offering our learning and collaboration platform and our guidance to support…

Happy Holidays!

It has been a wonderful year at LearningStone and we’ve been able to work with trainers and coaches discovering LearningStone all over the world. We’ve actually seen companies changing their own…

LearningStone is coming to Germany Soon

From day 1, LearningStone has been set up to grow to more languages and we’ve been asking you which language should come next. We have a winner! We’re currently working on LearningStone in German.

Declining an invitation

As a manager or coach in LearningStone, you get to onboard your users by Inviting them to one or more LearningStone groups. If you still need to learn more about that, please read this help for…

Upcoming webinars and tours

Join a LearningStone webinar or ask us for a personal tour! Sign up and let us know what you are most interested in.

Webinars are held at...

New forms and survey examples

As part of a powerful environment to help trainers turn their face-to-face courses into blended training, LearningStone offers a really useful tool to create forms and surveys. You can use the forms.

LearningStone of the day :-)

Our LearningStone of The Day picture was taken by producer Esther Zimmerman in Glencoe near Ballachulish in Scotland.
Have you taken a unique picture that would fit our collection? Let us know!

Improvements: Common Groups

As the numbers of groups rise in LearningStone, it’s becoming more important to jump from group to group to group. You can do this through My Groups (all your groups), through the groups that are…

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