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  • LearningStone Free gets Docs and Albums, for free!

    Posted 24-10-2014, by LearningStone

    Great news: we just gave LearningStone Free users two big functionalities they were missing compared to the paid plan users: Docs and Albums.
    Docs is our massive secure storage system that makes... Read more »
  • New Testimonial: Trainer Solange Jacobsen

    Posted 03-10-2014, by LearningStone

    Solange Jacobsen is a trainer and project leader at Bureau Youth & Media and specialize in what organizations can or cannot do to protect the interests and safety of young people online. She also advise and train teachers, school boards and other professionals on how to deal ... Read more »
  • New Testimonial: Driestar Education

    Posted 23-09-2014, by LearningStone

    Driestar Educatief is a centre of knowledge for Christian education and University of Professional education that specialises in the training of both primary and secondary teachers. Driestar Educatief is an institution ... Read more »
  • How to find the right start-up name (and yes we’re scared of IBM)

    Posted 15-09-2014, by LearningStone

    So what’s in a name? The LearningStone crew can tell all about it! A lot of fun, endless brainstorms, a more than endless search for free or affordable domains, bidding on domain names, name testing with an international panel (friends and kind relations across the globe), a couple of bad ideas and then: on a very very happy day... Read more »
  • New Testimonial: The Whole Package

    Posted 28-08-2014, by LearningStone

    Bonnie Williams, speaker, trainer, and founder of The Whole Package is officially a fan of LearningStone. As a professional development mentor The Whole Package often works with small groups and needs a system that supports group learning and is easy to use by both trainer ... Read more »
  • The cost of Moodle-ing

    Posted 18-08-2014, by LearningStone

    We often get questions about the cost of LearningStone. We point out that the cost of ownership (hosting + licence + maintance + learning curve) is extremely low. But what about Moodle? That’s free isn’t it?
    We would say, well... actually only the license is free. Here’s a paragraph out of a longer article by eLearning guru Craig Weiss that covers the cost factor. Read more »
  • Designing blended learning for the workplace

    Posted 13-08-2014, by LearningStone

    A learning platform or a LMS has to fit into a complete design for learning where it has to serve its purpose. In designing a blended learning solution the choice of the media is one of the last steps to be taken. Clive Shepherd, Learning Technologist, has a clear and balanced view on blended Learning. The following series of... Read more »
  • New Testimonial: eLearning Guild

    Posted 07-08-2014, by LearningStone

    The eLearning Guild Academy is the training division of the eLearning Guild, the largest organisation for eLearning professionals in the United states. With more than 60.000 members, many publications and several important conferences such as... Read more »
  • New Testimonial: The Stairway Consultancy

    Posted 29-07-2014, by LearningStone

    The Stairway Consultancy is a learning management consultancy in the UK dedicated to helping organisations increase their focus on the customer and develop their leadership and employee capability. Sarah Cook, founder and General Manager of The Stairway explains why she chose LearningStone. Read more »
  • New Testimonial: Flying Penguin

    Posted 15-07-2014, by LearningStone

    Flying Penguin International supports large corporation with their complex middle management challenges.
    General Manager Gilles de Groot explains what he really likes about LearningStone. Read more »